Color Matching

IMPCO offers full assistance in matching colours and tints to your exact marketing vision. We can colour match to any Pantone reference or even to a physical object.

Accurate colour control is critical to many projects and is an essential part of ensuring brand integrity. When several types of packaging are used for the same customer or brand, it is the accuracy of the colour matching which creates a unified brand identity. This requires packaging manufacturers skilled at matching colours with different polymers.

The base colours of plastic are clear (PET, PETG, PCTG, PVC) or natural (HDPE, PP, PE). All products can be manufactured in any colour with the addition of coloured masterbatch. If you are working to a tight budget why not select products from our standard range of bottles and jars and transform them by clever use of colour.
Choose colour for the same cost as white.

To make colour selection even more cost-effective IMPCO has created a range of stock colours for HDPE bottles and PP colours. Choosing from these stock colours can save you both time and money. This selection of colours can be seen on the right and you can request a printed leaflet featuring them by clicking here.

We have reproduced these colours as faithfully as print will allow but colour plaques are available on request. The colours shown do not include transparent tints or special effects such as metallic.

IMPCO has a team of dedicated project managers to help bring your concept to life. They will work with you from component selection through to final decoration.